Am I a Christian, a God follower, going to Heaven?

This is the ultimate question. Look at it this way, "If I died in five minutes, where would I be in minute six?” If you are a true-hearted follower of Jesus Christ, you will see God the Father and the Lord Jesus in minute six.

Words alone cannot ensure entrance to Heaven. Believing happens deep in your heart, not just in the mind.

God has been working in your heart. You are reading or listening to The Mountain because He sent you. It is no accident! It's likely that God has prepared you for this moment. Millions have made heart and voice commitments to God over the centuries. Now it's your turn, no matter what your religious or spiritual experience has been.

First, Believe in your heart that Jesus died for you on the cross.

Second, Speak with your mouth that you believe these things. It can be words like these or your own words:

“Lord Jesus, I believe You died on the cross for me. Please forgive my sins, come into my heart and be my Master. Now my whole life is Yours, and I will live the rest of my life serving You. Amen."

When you do this, you may or may not feel it emotionally. God touches you in His personal way.

Three important things to do: Talk to God daily. Get a Bible and read it daily. Tell others what happened to you.

Do these things and your new brand new life takes off! You grow as a God follower. Tell us what happened to you. We are praying for you!  For great stories to boost your new life, click Here!